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Jun 15 2007

Institute Days 5 and 6: Stress

Yesterday and today were phenomenal. I feel like I am really getting into the mindset of teaching. Today we spent some time setting up our classrooms. I feel like my plans are really falling into place. My group has established an investment plan, a classroom management plan and a first day agenda. That is not to say that I am 100% ready for Monday. I still need to prep all of my lesson materials and practice, practice, practice. I’m going to really try to take some me time today. Then tomorrow it’s back to work. I need to get some organizational systems in place and do some lead work for next week. My big goal for next week is to be more forward thinking so that I am a day or two ahead of things needing to be due. Hopefully this will help me stay relaxed and allow the little stress rash I have developed to go away.

Ok, time for me to disconnect from this a little. More tomorrow.

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